Sunday, September 14, 2008


Continuing the theme of the creativity streaming out from the Obama campaign, inspired by the man himself. I added news corpse widget in my side bar counting the days Palin is NOT talking to the press. Maybe she's just too busy in her private tanning booth in the governor's mansion. Or shooting wildlife from her private plane. Who knows? 

Shepard Fairey's iconic portrait of Obama  has inspired countless political portraits around the country. Now it has an evil opposite courtesy of Steve Sedam from Colorado. In the campaign office in Seattle, someone has redrawn the democratic candidate for governor ala Fairey. Fairey, a graphic artist, printmaker and street artist was proudly arrested in Denver for plastering his beautiful and provocative imagery on the walls of the mile high city. NOPE  aka McCain is being pinned down daily by the media for his lies-- share NOPE's link from the bravenewpac on youtube. (Correction thanks to Don Gray )

Yes, we can.


Don Gray said...

Hi Ann-Marie,

Great to see the "HOPE" and "NOPE" posters on your blog. I'd like to make one correction, though. The NOPE poster was inspired by Shepard Fairey, but is actually the artwork of Colorado artist/illustrator Steve Sedam ( Steve emailed it to me and I forwarded it on, but should have made the credits a bit clearer.

Steve Sedam said...

Hi Anne-Marie,

Glad to see you've picked up the NOPE image. I was inspired by one of my shifts manning the phones at the local Obama office... thought an image captured the tone better than anything else.
Please let your readers know they can see and download the image or get t-shirts (proceeds donated) by visiting!