Monday, March 16, 2009

outside/in--a photography installation

Click here for a slideshow of the installation from creation to exhibition

On March 5, with help of Valerie Thayer and the suggestion of Neil Lukas, I mounted a photography installation at The Press Gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square district. The exhibit runs from March 5-31 and includes the wall mounted installation of two images (and two 16x20 digital archival prints for sale) which were photographed at Green Lake, a beautiful natural oasis surrounded by the urban world. In my neighborhood park, I have seen eagles hunting ducklings and every shape of humanity doing all kinds of things in my walks and photo expeditions. One of the images "Walking Green Lake" celebrates the main human activity and the other, "Duck Island" is of the mystical land mass in the center of lake. The island takes on different shapes and forms as you traverse the watery world. On this day, it spoke to me in mystic terms. (In the photo above is the Lockwood Jazz Trio seen from the street, peering into the gallery.) Thanks to everyone who made that night a blast. The music was amazing and the crowd a delight.

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Don Gray said...

I love those photos. The island image is terrific. Congratulations on this show, Ann-Marie!