Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reception for opening of the 4culture electronic gallery 09-10 season

Above: frames from Ann-Marie Stillion's "Eva Washington: sweet are the uses of adversity", about the life and times of Eva Washington, a 77-year-old woman who has lived on the street for almost 30 years. The video will screen for a year in downtown Seattle at the 4Culture Gallery.

Update: You are invited to the reception for the opening of the 4culture electronic gallery 09-10 season at 101 Prefontaine Place South, Seattle. The reception is Thursday, Sept. 3 from 6-8 p.m., part of the First Thursday Art Walk in downtown Seattle. Thirteen artists, including myself, representing a range of video and animation have been selected to screen in their cool street gallery.

Many thanks to all the people who have helped get Eva's video off the ground including Ali Hobbs, Joe Shapiro, the folks at Northwest Film Forum, and the Mt. Baker Senior Center.

Throughout the year, the works will rotate, including one from my ongoing project on Eva Washington. "Eva Washington: sweet are the uses of adversity" is a five minute piece which visually explores her clothes, hands, face and a night bus shelter where she sometimes sleeps.

In the video, Eva tells some of her story and life. She was born in Seattle, raised in the Central District and now at 77 years old has lived on its streets for almost 30 years. Despite the enormous obstacles and challenges that she faces everyday, Ms. Washington's story is hardly a tale of woe. She combats her circumstances with style and a rich connection to culture and others.

You see and learn more about Eva and my journey with her over the last year here.

I have continued to explore solutions to finding her housing. As always, if anyone reading this post can lend a hand, please contact me at Eva lives on a small social security payment from her many years of office work; she has no interest in public housing and does not take any form of public assistance. She is a proud woman who would most likely be honored in some societies. In ours, sadly, she cannot find a home. Her dream is to go to Africa.

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