Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A new photo group is born

Inspired by photographer Lisa Ahlberg (above standing), c&b which translates as cameras and booze (we shoot first and end the day with your favorite drinks) held its inaugural shoot in Lisa's backyard studio. Inviting neighbors and friends and their dogs, the group traded off with Nikons and one Hasselblad shooter (Terry Novak, seen below). Everyone wanted to meet again in few weeks on Dec. 12. The group was created through class meetings at Photo Center Northwest. The next group shoot on the 12th will be in Georgetown (street shooting) or in the studio in Magnolia depending on the weather. At least one model has agreed to come at this writing. Contact if you would like further info. (photos by Ann-Marie Stillion)

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Don Gray said...

Looks like fun. Merry Christmas, Ann-Marie.