Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photographer Jini Dellaccio

Jini Dellacio (left) greets gallery visitor Samantha Bailey at the opening of Dellaccio's one woman exhibit on Nov. 10 at Photo Center NW in Seattle.

I attended the opening of Jini Dellaccio's one woman exhibit at Photo Center NW a few weeks ago.   In her ninth decade and sitting upright in a comfortable walker, the photographer flourished in the sixties. She told me her favorite camera was the Hasselblad and favorite lens, the 200 mm. Dellaccio delighted in taking rockers of the day outside for shoots and her work includes many musicians of the day like Neil Young and The Who. Watching her greet and engage with each admirer was a true pleasure. Dellacio's collection of musician portraits hung at The Crocodile for the last few years and will travel again after this exhibit ends on Dec. 16. A limited edition monograph of her work “Rock & Roll” accompanies this exhibition and is available through the Photo Center.

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