Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speaking of drawing

An online drawing event is coming up, Drawing Day 08. Drawing is one of life's great pleasures and will definitely make you smarter, faster and wiser. Why? It brings your brain cells together silly. Right and left. Your brain slows down and you become focussed and alert. A place to practice throughout the day if you are stuck on a computer like me is Sketch Swap. It's a fun utility that allows you to draw and trade with someone instantly. You can draw with a mouse or get a cute little wacom tablet or one of these. I drew on one in the apple store a few weeks ago and it was an instant bond.

I drew the monk at the "moment of enlightment" a few years ago at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. It is a carved wooden statue and gives me shivers each time I pass by. What give you shivers? Draw it!

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