Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dylan, Obama and Drawing

Colliding and making a new world before our eyes: music, politics and art. Pinch me. When I saw the post on the Daily Kos saying that Dylan had endorsed Obama in an interview for The Times Online, I couldn't stop smiling. His interview wasn't about his lastest music tour though, it was about Dylan's art exhibit, which opened this week.

The interview Dylan did with Alan Jackson explains how and what the musician draws and paints a little insight into why." It's relaxing." Dylan's line and color speaks with the same timeless sense of authority as his music--he's never out to prove anything, he is just going to say it. One of the exhibit images is posted here.

'The times they are a changin' ranks as one of the great political songs along with 'Masters of war' in our lives as citizens--wherever the boundary lies. Get involved if you can with the Obama campaign and don't forget to draw and make music along the way.

How great it is to be alive when the likes of Dylan and Obama collide--will we see them together at some point?--one can only speculate.

Yes, we can...the times they are a changin'.

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